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13.10.22 - 13.1.23
Public Intimacy
with Sophia Hirsch
Museum of Jewish Montreal

25.11.22 - 19.03.23
entre 2
Städtische Galerie, Offenburg

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studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

Bemalte Scheune, umgeben von einem frisch geernteten Getreidefeld
For my project Feldforschung I paint barns and buildings in the countryside.

Showing my work in environments far from established exhibition venues or big cities, I hope to bring some unexpected perspectives to the visitors.

In the motifs, I take up the stories of nearby residents or the owners and what I learn about the building and environment, about its use and function during the times.

To find the walls i drove endlessly through the countryside, checked satelite photos and asked around. While it was still somewhat easy to find the venues it was harder to find the owners – asking neighbouts, mayors or land registry offices. The hardest part though is to convince the owners to be open for this experiment, having their property painted. Most aren´t, but some were cool and open.

ein Mann bemalt eine Feldscheune mit einem Pinsel
Wall#1 is located close to Waltersbrück, a small village in Hessen, Germany. It belongs to farmer and butcher family Kaiser producing the local speciality Ahle sausage (i couldn´t try as i don´t eat meat).
The white shapes refer to a microscopic image of wheat, the drawing on the left is inspired by agricultural engines.

Bemalte Scheune, inmitten eines frisch geernteten Getreidefelds in Hessen

bemalte Wand eines Backsteingebäudes, eingerahmt von wild wachsenden Pflanzen
The other wall is located in Biesenthal, Brandenburg, north of Berlin. In the former east of Germany, where the GDR had been, it´s harder to find barns, as field work was organized not by individual farmers but agricultural cooperatives. They built centralized big depots and most barns in the fields were turned down as they were in the way when driving with the huge field machines.
So the building i painted here is part of an ensemble that had been built as recreation home for officers of the emperor, later used by Nazis and then by the Stasi of GDR, before it stayed abandoned for 30 years. Now Culterim Gallery is organizing art residencies and festivals here.

bemalte Wand eines Backsteingebäudes, eingerahmt von wild wachsenden Pflanzen
Feldforschung is made possible through a grant by Stiftung Kunstfonds/Neustart Kultur. Material support by Yes And… Productions. Thank you!

More information here:
Hessenschau / hr-iNFO, Anna Meinecke,scheunen-kunst-100.html

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