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17.4. - 30.5.2021
Where are we now?

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Wandbild in OffenburgI just realized: i almost didn´t upload any of my murals from 2017. So here a post with most of them:

Wandbild in Offenburg

Above and below: painted with Elias Errerd in my hometown, Offenburg. supported by Fachbereich Kultur und dem Kunstverein Offenburg Mittelbaden. It´s titled "Zur Freiheit” and painted on the building two of my ancestors had lived in, in the 19th century, when both had been imprisoned for smuggling a forbidden socialist newspaper to Germany.
Thank you, Carmen Lötsch, Martin Sander, Christian Kessler and Boels Rental Offenburg. 

Wandbild in Offenburg

Below: The facade of the most amazing book store i ever visited: Theoria in Kortrijk, Belgium. Organized by curator Bjorn van Poucke, with the assistance by Jasmin. It´s a listed building, so we didn´t touch the front facade but focused on the back part of the building.
mural for the book store Theoria in Kortrijk, Belgium
As size reference - there´s Tamara about to enter. 

wall painting at the book store Theoria in Kortrijk, Belgium

After this nice experience i had to come back to Belgium and was happy being invited for the Crystal Ship 2017, meeting a lot of wall painters and painting this building in Ostend. Zonder Einde is title of my painting and of the shortest street of the city.
mural in Ostend Belgium, for the Crystal Ship 2017

mural in Ostend Belgium, for the Crystal Ship 2017

mural in Ostend Belgium, for the Crystal Ship 2017

My January i spent in Mexico, getting to know the country and it´s inhabitants. A short period as Artist in Residence, along with four other Berlin based artists in Tulum, was followed by the mural festival ‚Wall Dialogue II‘ in Mexico City.
Wall painting at Atea, Mexico City, by Johannes Mundinger
We, Alaniz, Billy, Blo, Mernywernz and me, used the plus minus two weeks as Artists in Residence to talk to locals and tourists in Tulum, work in the studio for the final exhibition and paint walls in the streets. Blo and i collaborated on the two following murals.

Mural in Tulum, Mexico, Blo and Johannes Mundinger

Mural in Tulum, Mexico, by Blo & Johannes Mundinger

Mural in Tulum, Mexico, by Blo & Johannes Mundinger

Mural, in Tulum, Mexico. Wall painting by Johannes Mundinger

Murales en Mexico - Tolnahuac - Johannes Mundinger

Mural in Mexico City, by Johannes Mundinger

For another trip with a group of friends i went to Sofia, Bulgaria, in May. Supported by the Goethe Institut Bulgarien we met local artists and painted walls. Here are three of them.
wall painting in Sofia, Bulgaria, supported by the Goethe Institut Bulgarien
For further impressions check the websites of my friends: Ludwig SchultNils Leimkühler and Moritz Neuhoff from Natur KunstgruppeLoriotSteffen Mischke and the duo Zebu, Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner.

wall painting in Sofia, Bulgaria, supported by the Goethe Institut Bulgarien

Wall painting in Sofia, Bulgaria

Wall painting in Sofia, Bulgaria

Still Life with Adler is the title of this mural Ivan Ninety and I painted in Łódź, Poland.
Mural with Ivan Ninety in Lodz, Poland for the Museum of the City of Lodz and Urban Forms Foundation

Curated by Sasha Krolikova for Urban Forms Foundation and the Museum of the city of Łódź. As part of Off Gallery 2.0, bringing artists from the citys four origins, Polish (Meisal), Russian (Ivan Ninety), Jewish/Israeli (Klone) and German to the city to create a mural.

mural - ivan90 and Johannes Mundinger in Lodz

Below the result of a visit to the Street Art Mueseum St. Petersburg. Located on an industrial area a bit outside the city it was interesting to meet local workers and try to talk about our work (without me speaking Russian nor them speaking English).
Wall painting at the Street Art Museum St Petersburg, Russia

The wall below brought me back to Germany. It was painted for the River Tales Festival Gießen. Located on the back wall of a former cinema right in the center of the city. Danke, Kai, Joe, Uwe, Dori, Nadine und Kera.
Wandmalerei in Gießen, Mural Festival River Tales

Having never been to Israel before it was great to be invited by the Art Cube Artists Studios Jerusalem for a short residency. This is their facade, Tel Aviv based artist Klone and i painted together:
Mural painted with Klone for the Art Cube Artist Studios, Jerusalem, Israel

I probably forgot a lot of names of you people i want/have to say: THANK YOU! For your support, organization, money and power!

(note: >Instagram< or >facebook< followers have seen all these walls ages ago, already)