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running Raum www
an online collection
of events cancelled due to Covid-19

17.4. - 30.5.2021
Where are we now?

mit Christian August und Tomislav Topic
44309 Galerie, Dortmund

Hausarbeit, via Raum www
5. - 28. März
2. - 25. April
30. April – 23. Mai

studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

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Wall painting at Atea, Mexico City, by Johannes Mundinger
Murals in the Murales country, Mexico

While Trump got president of the USA and started seriously messing things up with Mexico, I spent a month in Mexico, getting to know the country and it´s inhabitants. A short period as Artist in Residence, along with four other Berlin based artists in Tulum, was followed by the mural festival ‚Wall Dialogue II‘ in Mexico City.

wall painting in progress, scaffolding, Mexico City
We, Alaniz, Billy, Blo, Mernywernz and me, used the plus minus two weeks as Artists in Residence to talk to locals and tourists in Tulum, work in the studio for the final exhibition and paint walls in the streets. Opening the mind for new views and ways Blo and i collaborated on two murals.

Mural in Tulum, Mexico, Blo and Johannes Mundinger

Mural in Tulum, Mexico, by Blo & Johannes Mundinger

Mural in Tulum, Mexico, by Blo & Johannes Mundinger

Mural, in Tulum, Mexico. Wall painting by Johannes Mundinger

Mural in Mexico City, by Johannes Mundinger

WALL DIALOGUE II was a follow up project of #nuestrobarrio, initiated by neurotitan from Berlin and ATEA from Mexico City. On this edition the project brought together eleven artists from Europe and México and Argentina for a wall painting jam in the independent art space ATEA.

The first part of the exhibition series WALL DIALOGUE took part in Berlin in 2015, and featured amongst others the Berlin based artists BLO and Johannes Mundinger. The second edition of the dialogue was broadened with Pao Delfin, Libre, Vlocke, Said Dokins and La Piztola from Mexico, the artist couple Billy and Mernywernz from UK, Alaniz from Argentina and Nelio from France.

WALL DIALOGUE target to feature international urban artists and bring their various forms of expression into an international dialogue and to create a physical space of exchange - this time in the popular neighborhood of La Merced.
photos by Leda Fenix, Oscar Sandoval and me.