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wall in progress – Wandmaler in Aktion -- Elias Errerd & Johannes Mundinger
"Brachfeld" painted with Elias Errerd for Hoch2wei, at Bielefeld University.

Mural by Elias Errerd & Johannes Mundinger for Hoch2wei at Bielefeld University
Last year the mural festival Hoch2wei took place in the inner city, where a lot of walls were painted, this year they managed to convince the university to give their biggest inside wall.

painting synchronized, Elias Errerd und Johannes Mundinger, arbeiten an einem Wandbild in der Universität Bielefeld

Auf dem Steiger – Elias Errerd und Johannes Mundinger auf einer Hebebühne beim Malen des Wandbildes

Detail Wandbild, Bielefeld
The festival consisted of a month with different events, like film screenings (Art War, Spray Paint Bejing, Hello my name is), discussions, wall painting days, and as highlight, the mural part with a huge wall painted by three teams:

a wall with three murals, by: Satone&Roid, Sepe&Chazme, EliasErrerd&JohannesMundinger, Bielefeld University, organized by hochzwei
Satone & Roid from Germany and England, Sepe & Chazme from Poland and Elias Errerd and Johannes Mundinger from Germany.

Vielen DANK and das gute Hoch2wei-Team!!