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seit 8. Februar 2018
Club Voltaire in Kehl

4. - 21. Mai
Dirt Voyage
Schau Fenster, Berlin

12./13. Mai
Voodoo55, Berlin

12. Mai
Kunsthalle Griesheim

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Back from Fokus Festival, Görlitz, here is a short making of, of the mural Sophia Hirsch and i painted during the event.

Wandmalerei - mermaid mural by Sophia Hirsch & Johannes Mundinger
'Our Görlitz' is a homage to the beautiful town just next to the Polish border. When i ve been there, in 2011, the sun was shining almost all the time, this year it was all grey and wet..

Flugzeug gesprayt, Mural for Fokus Festival, Görlitz

Check: >>> <<< (author of this lovely mermaid)

painted mermaid by Sophia Hirsch at Fokus Festival Görlitz,

Thanks Underscore Orkestra, for the sound, thanks, Fokus Festival, for the invitation!!