Johannes Mundinger

Allerstr. 26
12049 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

Atelier: Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin


30.03. - 02.06.
Yeobaek Seowon

Code(s) et Couleur(s)
Domaine du Château de Seneffe

Berlin-Praha Barter
Trafo Gallery

Wuppertal Funktional
mit Ulrike Becker und Samuel Treindl
Eröffnung: 5.7. no cube Münster

Travel Residency
Novi Sad / Belgrade, Serbia
via Streetart Residencies / Elektrika

opening: 12.09.
Hošek Contemporary, Berlin

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Mural at Urban Spree, Urban art Friedrichshain, BerlinThe Wandblatt guys from Vienna came to Berlin – and for sure Nils Leimkühler and i had to meet them to paint a wall together.

A huge advantage of my studio is there are a lot of walls around, that can be painted, if friends come for a visit. The sad thing is, you almost always have to paint over existing works. But so, at least, the surroundings keep changing. Sorry AgeAge!

Above, from left to right: Mafia/Nils Leimkühler * Johannes Mundinger * Knarf * Fresh Max * Nils Leimkühler/Mafia
Below: my part of the wall

Mural by Johannes Mundinger, (wall painting, urban art, muralisem) at Urban Spree Berlin
and another detail.

Detail of a wall painting by Johannes Mundinger -- urban art Berlin Friedrichshain / Urban Spree