Johannes Mundinger

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12049 Berlin

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Atelier: Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

ab 8.4.2017
Crystal Ship, Oostende

What The Weekend Is Gallery
Alte Münze, Berlin

3. - 7.5.2017
Sofia, Bulgaria

13.5 - 3.6.2017
Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg

20.5. - 10.6.2017
Current Habits
Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin

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A short impression of my wallpaintings next to UMI, in Uzupis, Vilnius.


They are part of an exhibition about the fairy tale "Trys patarimai ir trisdešimt dukatų", written by french-lithuanian author Oskar Milosz, in which a guy pays a lot of money for some advices which road to take and what to do and don t.

So my part in the exhibition space was a machine with a peephole, which, after giving a coin, showing a plan to the painted walls.
Supported by the Belgian embassy and with UNESCO patronage it was a nice reason to come to Vilnius and having a show with Tomas Čepaitis, Birutė Zokaitytė, Eglė Vertelkaitė, Vygantas Vėjas, Solveiga Gutautė, Giedrius Bagdonas, Florence Mairesse, Johannes Mundinger, Nicolas Winand, Jaques Patris, Florian Kiniques and Julie Henault.

More infos and photos soon.

Camera partly by Florian Kiniques, sound stolen from Fiedel Tastro