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running Raum www
an online collection
of events cancelled due to Covid-19

17.4. - 30.5.2021
Where are we now?

mit Christian August und Tomislav Topic
44309 Galerie, Dortmund

Hausarbeit, via Raum www
5. - 28. März
2. - 25. April
30. April – 23. Mai

studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

Kapelle - wall painting at Nová Galerie, Prague, Johannes Mundinger
My 2015 in 30 photos:

The wall above was painted for an exhibition at Nova Gallery, in Prague, the one below is the first one I painted in 2015, thank you, Lorio.
mural berlin

Zebu brought me to another spot, where i left the 'Morning Memories`

Epicentro Art, in Berlin, was the venue of my solo exhibition Vitreous Summit..

Exhibition Berlin - Vernissage

..and for the finissage Ori played a concert.

Urban Spree Galerie invited me to the Art Prague, while exhibting at the fair Rylsee and i met with locals to paint a wall. Dekuji, Matyas Malac and Miko Skapa.

Back in Berlin i painted the Stelzenwall (next to Nils and Volka)

Hamburg based Affenfaust Gallery invited Hamburg based Elmar Lause to curate the first show at their new venue, i sent one painting....

...and painted a the Schierspassage at the Gängeviertel with Tobias Wüstefeld

The next month (it was June, then) Sophia Hirsch and I went to Magdeburg, installing a temporarely mural in a former jail...

..and created an installation refering to a poem by Erich Mühsam

"Sei´s in Jahren, sei´s schon morgen". Thanks, Jens Besser.

From the east of Germany it wasn´t far to Prague, for the Brick Wall Gathering, a mural festival at Prám

And back in Germany Elias Errerd and i painted a wall for the Bielefeld University

Thank you, Hoch2wei.

With Steffen Mischke and Nils Leimkühler i painted the Berghainwand....

and the Suicide Temple of Doom

I have been to Mönchengladbach, for the first time of my life, to spend a one-week-residency at ÄAA along with Philipp Muras. I presented (among other works) the "Kunsthalle".

The same day was the opening of Wall Dialogue at Neurotitan Gallery, where i showed collaborative paintings with Hiroyatsu Tsuri, curated by Annika Hirsekorn.

I met with Qumi for a collaborative mural in Essen..

...and with NZ based Jon Drypnz for the Arkaden Jam in Berlin.

I went to Prague, again, this time with Sophia Hirsch, for 'Siehe Unten - see below' at Nová Gallery, held under the patronage of the German Embassy...

..presenting paintings and (collaborative) wall paintings (Below: Styx).

For the group exhibition Es wird Zeit (roughly translated 'it´s about time') Sophia Hirsch and i presented an interactive installation, a 1000 pieces puzzle of the motive below.

Somewhen then there was time for another wall (Orpehus frag Eurydike, ob sie gut geschlafen habe), before...

...I flew to Paris, for the opening of Made in Berlin at Mathgoth Gallery (merci, Addison Karl).

With the last big event in 2015, we celebrated the 'Magic Life', a group show with Nartur Kunstgruppe and Irga Irga, at Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin.

(Magic Life photos by Thomas von Wittich)

(sorry to all the names and projects i forgot)

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