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14.7. - 01.04.24
Point of View
Städtische Galerie Fruchthalle Rastatt

L’expo.001, Inauguration
La Maison, Kauffenheim, FR

24.02.24 - 23.3.24
La Bella Confusione
Urban Spree Galerie, Berlin

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wall painting by Johannes Mundinger at Murals Inc. Rotterdam, photo by Indra GleizdeWall Painting – a group exhibition at Murals Inc., Rotterdam

Murals Inc. is a Rotterdam based mural production company. I was happy to be invited to Rotterdam to paint and exhibit in their office space: 'Wall : Painting' - an exhibition on scale enlargement and reduction in relation to painting on wall and on canvas.

Marie Aly, Jasper van der Graaf, Pavel Rtue and Johannes Mundinger

Murals are often monumental. The impact of a monumental mural on the viewer is significant. What happens when a painter allows his working method to fluctuate in dimensional proportions? What skills do you need to bring both the complex architectural support and the 'simple' white canvas to life? Marie Aly, Jasper van der Graaf, Johannes Mundinger, and Pavel Rtue are painters who create large murals as well as work on canvas. During the exhibition 'Wall :Painting', they will show their handling of both media.

In addition to the experiences of dimensional relationships and the questions it raises, 'Wall : Painting' also simply shows four renowned painters interacting to create a wonderful exhibition, each of them conveying a substantively motivated painting style.

Wall painting by Johannes Mundinger at Murals Inc. Rotterdam

Here´s my wall painting Neubesetzung.
Reconsidering our values we took the former heroes from their pedestals, giving space for new perspectives.

Neubesetzung - Johannes Mundinger for the exhibition Wall Painting at Murals Inc, Rotterdam, 2023 - photo by Indra Gleizde

Exhibition view - Wall Painting at Murals Inc Office, Rotterdam

Murals Inc. is part of Rotterdam Art Week and Art Central Rotterdam XL with the exhibition 'Wall : Painting'.

Rotterdam Art Week 2023, 9 - 12 FEB
Location: Piekstraat 31, Rotterdam.

Art Central Rotterdam XL Art Weekend, 17-19 March 2023
Location: Piekstraat 31 en Baanhof, Rotterdam.

photo 1+3+4 by Indra Gleizde