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25. November - 15. Dezember
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Avenue through a public park, facing an installation
It happened. I did land art. Together with Sophia Hirsch in the park of the Castle of Seneffe, Belgium.

painting behind trees by Sophia Hirsch and Johannes Mundinger in the park of Chateau de Seneffe

The meticulously planned architecture of the park and its straight and symmetrical pattern that clearly defines the ways vistors look and move through, is a reflection of the rational ideas, that came to light during baroque. The park illustrates the spririt of the time, where the attempt to explore, measure and organize the world was the prevalent notion.

We want to offer a little irritation in the very odered structure of the Domaine du Château de Seneffe. As a reminder of the beauty of disorder, and of the capacity an open, undefined space offers.

painting (detail) by Sophia Hirsch and Johannes Mundinger in the park of Chateau de Seneffe

So Sophia Hirsch and I installed Parcours, a painting in/for/with the woods and placed a stripe of wild growing plants, partially saplings we collected at abandoned areas that will grow during the year.

plants growing wild on the lawn

Organized by Florian Medici (merci beaucoup!) the exhibition Code(s) et Couleur(s) shows  also the work of  Cyklop, Dale Joseph Rowe, Erell, Mehsos, Mister Pee, Natacha De Mol, NOIR Artist, Roch Barbieux et Tidis

plants growing wild on the lawn

plants growing wild on the lawn

The exhibition is open from 1 May to 11 November 2019.