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8. - 25.5.2024
Rambazamba Atelier
Park Center Treptow, Berlin

11.5. - 31.8.2024
Trait d´union
Jardin des Deux Rives, Strasbourg

mit Enrico Bach, Nadine Schemann, Gary Schlingheider
rsvp bis 20.5. via
La Maison
, Baden-Baden

24.5. – 21.6.2024
mit Christoph Rode
Köppe Contemporary, Berlin

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Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
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10245 Berlin

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Buxus - installation by Johannes Mundinger for Facing Realities, an exhibition in an allotment garden, in Berlin
My installation Buxus for the exhibition Facing Realities in Berlin.

The Art Union presents the group exhibition “Facing Realities”, as an artistic exploration of allotment gardening in Germany based on a prototypical allotment in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The exhibition is on view from the 26th of January until the 24th of February, 2019, always on Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment. The interested public is welcome to check in free of charge.

In the heart of a garden colony in Berlin-Charlottenburg, the exhibition “FACING REALITIES” explores the dispositif of allotment gardening in Germany by more than 30 contemporary positions. A 300sqm gardening plot which belonged to a family of policemen for 35 years serves as the starting point for the exploration of the sociotope of the interaction between identity and common understanding of the colonists. The perspectives on this phenomena could hardly be more diverse: More than 30 Berlin-based German and international artists aged between 19 and 59 explore this microcosm by incorporating the legacy of the former owners of the allotment garden and put them indoor and outdoor in the context of their respective medium – whether it be painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, moving images, animation, performance or dance art. Thus, a polyphonic commentary on our times arises between the tension field of deconstruction of tradition and construction of significance.

Buxus - installation by Johannes Mundinger - for the exhibition

Anna Anders - Björn Heyn - Charles Benjamin - Diego Cirulli - Fabian Warnsing - Frank Kunert - Gabriella Hirst - Georg Hobelsberger - Heun Min Kim - Jackie Riccio - Jana Jedermann - Jannis Uffrecht - Jazoo Yang - Johannes Mundinger - Jonas Heyn - Julim Rosa - Karin Kimel - Katya Quel - Kevin Ludicke - Marina Páez-Morsh - Maxine Puorro - Mike Okay - Peter Phobia - Pablo Benzo - Philip Junk - Quintessenz - Robert Voit - Rocco und seine Brüder - Samuel Solazzo - Tom Palluch - Toni Spyra - Via Lewandowsky - wc_baby

26th of January - 24th of February, 2019
register for a visit free of charge at The Art Union

Buxus - installation by Johannes Mundinger - for the exhibition

ca. 330 x 300cm
metall and razor-barbed wire