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17.4. - 30.5.2021
Where are we now?

mit Christian August und Tomislav Topic
44309 Galerie, Dortmund

Hausarbeit, via Raum www
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30. April – 23. Mai

studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

La Moindre Des Choses, art space, Bruxelles, Brussels, Brüssel - street view of the exhibition by Johannes Mundinger
2014 brought a few solo exhbitions, some group shows and lots of murals – a review:

The photo above is from the exhibition "L´Observateur" at La Moindre Des Choses, in Brussels, a show all about observation. A hidden camera in the painted wall to the window captured the street - and thus the reactions of the visitors on the mural - and projected the image live on the back of the wall, inside the gallery. Once inside the space the visitors could observe what was going on outside - or observe the other guests: The works shown were painted on mirrors, to either look at art or just pretending to do so and look at others ‑ or just oneself.

Ausstellungseröffnung / exhibition opening / vernissage à Bruxelles

Ausstellungseröffnung / exhibition opening / vernissage à Bruxelles

This was in March. A month before i had been to Hannover, participating in a group exhibition at 'Konnekor - Forum für Künste'.
Johannes Mundinger "Am Ende des Tunnels" Gemälde mit Teppich, zur Ausstellung "4. Generation" im Konnektor, Raum für Kunst, Hannover

..and collaborated with Denver based artist Lanny DeVuono for "What if...?" presented at Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin and the Groundswell Gallery/ Hinterland/Showpen in Denver.
collaborational painting by Lanny DeVuono, Denver, and Johannes Mundinger, Berlin

With Sophia Hirsch i teamed up for the duo exhibition 'Claims and Tales' at Eichblatt Gallery, Berlin, opening in the beginning of May:
exhibition view - Claims and Tales
More photos from the opening can be found on facebook or here.

Claims and Tales, Vernissage

The second half of May i travelled to Poland, invited by the Galicia Jewish Museum Kraków to take part in Street art po żydowsku.
Lion of Judah and Na Nachs -- painting by Johannes Mundinger, Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow

In June 'Radioeins' broadcasted live from the Urban Spree area, Berlin, made a short interview and documented the painting progress of this mural painted in collaboration with Nils Leimkühler from Nartur Kunstgruppe, with whom i had painted just some days before, for the exhibition URBN x ORi, at ORi, Neukölln
Wall painting for RBB Radioeins at Urban Spree, by Nils Leimkühler / Nartur and Johannes Mundinger / xXcrew -- Stupid Sidekicks Team

..and i went to Hamburg to contribute to the The Millerntor Gallery #4 in Hamburg, an annual exhibition, with about 100 artists like JR, Loomit, Aitch & Saddo, Nelio, Zezao,  Daan Botlek, 1010, Rebelzer, Roids – and huge list Berlin from Berlin, Low Bros, Jim Avignon, Andrewa Wan, Julia Benz, Rylsee, Wesr...
mural / painting in Hamburg by Johannes Mundinger, Millerntor Gallery #4, exhibition by Viva con Agua

Next step was Stuttgart, for a solo exhibition at Tisch Decke: 'Laterna Magica'
Ausstellungsansicht 'Laterna Magica' - projizierte Malerei - Vom Wert des Originals - Johannes Mundinger in der Tisch Decke, Stuttgart
Thanks to smartphones and digital cameras, the internet is full of documentaries and photos from exhibitions and artworks. You can see a work hundred times before/if you ever face it in reality.
So an artwork doesn´t ‚end‘ on its physical edges but seems to start a documenting process – and its perception is filtered through the camera of the uploader, leading to the question: What is the original artwork – is it needed or is it just a step to the final expression? Could the reproduction be the exhibition?

Ausstellungsansicht 'Laterna Magica' - projizierte Malerei - Vom Wert des Originals - Johannes Mundinger in der Tisch Decke, Stuttgart

From Suttgart it wasn´t far to Freiburg, for an group exhibition at E-Werk for which i have painted the triptych 'Raven' and installed the corresponding 'Brothers in Circles'.
Malerei installativ im Ewerk Freiburg - Johannes Mundinger zur Kulturinvasion 2014

Back in Berlin we, the Stupid Sidekicks, met for an exhibition at Neurotitan Gallery in Mitte. The first time we, Nartur Kunstgruppe, xXcrew and Steffen Mischke, appeared as Stupid Sidekicks was 2006 in Münster, since then we are exhibiting from time to time, more or less together in this group.
Stupid Sidekicks Ausstellung Neurotitan Galerie, Berlin

A huge advantage of having my studio at Urban Spree is there are a lot of walls around, that can be painted, if friends come for a visit.
Mural at Urban Spree, Urban art Friedrichshain, Berlin

This time the IrgaIrga guys from Vienna came to Berlin – and for sure Nils Leimkühler and i had to meet them to paint a wall together.
Above, from left to right: Mafia/Nils Leimkühler * Johannes Mundinger * Knarf * Fresh Max * Nils Leimkühler/Mafia

Mural by Johannes Mundinger, (wall painting, urban art, muralisem) at Urban Spree Berlin

In Halle i painted this wall for Freiraumgalerie on the outside of the exhibition space.
Wandmalerei in Halle an der Saale / Johannes Mundinger für die Freiraumgalerie

Sophia Hirsch and i painted 'Our Görlitz' on a huge silo at Fokus Festival, Görlitz

..and in Istanbul we painted this wall together
Wall painting in progress - Istanbul streetart

..and i did this one. Thanks Streetart Istanbul, for the Organization!
Streetlife Kadiköy - street art Istanbul - mural by Johannes Mundinger

October i spent in Vilnius, Lithuania, invited as artist in residence at UMI, Uzupis for 'Anapus Vartojimo', a project bringing three artists working in public space to Lithuania.
i started my residency with a small mural at the new built UMI galerija Kalnas. Making of >here<
mural Johannes Mundinger - portrait

This building marks the 'entrance' to the Jonas Mekas alley, so it´s dedicated to the 'Godfather of Avant Garde Cinema'. More - and making of >here<
Jonas Meka Mural by Johannes Mundinger in Uzupis, Vilnius

Final event of the time in Vilnius was the opening of the solo exhibition 'The Glass Mountain Gathering' at Galera Gallery.
The Glass Mountain Gathering - exhibition - Johannes Mundinger at Galera Gallery in Uzupis/Vilnius, Lithuania

Back home in Berlin i was invited to spend my december with 19 other artists/artist collectives at the Glass House studio working with and on old windows, doors and building materials. The results will be presented in May 2015.
Glass House Project, Berlin

I collaborated with Elias Errerd for the SMB Jugendkulturverein e.V. in Offenburg
Malerei Offenburg

..and then, finally, painted my last wall in 2014, on December 30.
wall painting by Johannes Mundinger