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13.10.22 - 13.1.23
Public Intimacy
with Sophia Hirsch
Museum of Jewish Montreal

25.11.22 - 19.03.23
entre 2
Städtische Galerie, Offenburg

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studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

exhibition view - Claims and Tales
The duo exhibition 'Claims and Tales' with Sophia Hirsch, is still running till 26. June at Eichblatt Gallery, Berlin. As an appetizer - and for those who can´t make it to the gallery - here are some impressions

Claims and Tales, Vernissage
More photos from the opening can be found on facebook, below impressions from the pure exhibition.

Gevatter Tod - Sophia Hirsch, Malerei
Gevatter Tod by Sophia

Wälder - Sophia Hirsch, painting
Wälder, Sophia Hirsch

Ungefähr 9 Planeten -- Johannes Mundinger, Malerei
Ungefähr 9 Planeten, Johannes Mundinger

Rauminstallation zur Ausstellung Claims and Tales
The ground in the main room is partly covered with an installation, showing the overlapping floor plans of our homes.

I want you to get together -- Johannes Mundinger for the exhibition Claims and Tales
I want you to get together, Johannes Mundinger

Orest - painting by Sophia Hirsch, for the exhibition Claims and Tales, Eichblatt Gallery, Berlin
Orest, Sophia Hirsch

As mentioned above the exhibition is still running till 26. June, so: Hin da!

Claims and Tales
Sophia Hirsch & Johannes Mundinger

02.05. - 26.06.2014

opening times:
Wednesday - Friday: 16 - 19 Uhr
Saturday: 10 - 14 Uhr
or upon request

Eichblatt Gallery
Hamburger Platz  / Pistoriusstraße 100
Berlin Weißensee