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13.10.22 - 5.03.23
Public Intimacy
with Sophia Hirsch
Museum of Jewish Montreal

25.11.22 - 2.04.23
entre 2
Städtische Galerie, Offenburg

22.01. - 30.04.23
Wall Painting
Murals Inc., Rotterdam

running Raum www

studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

the lion of judah - part of a painting about the Na Nachs by Johannes Mundinger, Jewish Museum, Krakow
I was one of the 15 Polish and international artists invited by the Jewish Museum Kraków, to present a painting dealing with Jewish culture.

set up for the exhibition at Jewish Museum, Cracow
For my work i´m focusing on a quite mordern part in the long Jewish history. A part that is well connected to public and urban space: The Na Nachs.

Lion of Judah and Na Nachs -- painting by Johannes Mundinger, Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow
This group of adherents of the Rabbi Nachman from Breslov (a subgroup among the bigger group of followers, the Breslever Hassidim) is relatively small, but well visible all over Israel. Their 'slogan' 'Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman' can be seen everywehere, sprayed in small and huge letters or as stickers in the streets. Quite common is also the use of a smiley with sidelocks. And walking through the city you can meet them, driving around with vans, playing techno-Hasidic musical compositions, dancing in the streets and on top of the vans, with the goal of spreading joy to passersby.

Na Nachs dancing - painting for the Jewish Museum, Krakow -- artist Johannes Mundinger
(But as it looks, no women are allowed to join the dance..)

Audience on the exhibition opening at Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow, Poland
Here are photos of all the works and from the opening.

Thanks Jacek and Mikołaj for the curation and organisiation. And hello my dear fellow artists: Autone (Gdańsk) * Cekas (Wrocław) * Patu (Berlin) * Weronika Kasprzyk (Kraków) * Jan Kutryba (Kraków) * Paulina Lichwicka (Kraków) * Lump (Szczecin) * Malik (Bielsko-Biała) * Johannes Mundinger (Berlin) * + Małgorzata Rozenau (Żywiec) * Raspazjan (Katowice) * Mikołaj Rejs (Kraków) * Roem (Warszawa) * Mona Tusz (Katowice) * Artur Wabik (Kraków)

Thanks Josh for the proof reading of the info text.

Street art po żydowsku
10. - 25.05.2014

Galicia Jewish Museum
ul. Dajwór 18
31-052 Krakow, Poland