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Sommer 2022
Feldforschung, Hessen/Brandenburg/NRW
gefördert von der Stiftung Kunstfonds

21.5. - 15.10.
entre 2
Installation am Rheinufer, Strasbourg

13. - 18.9.
I got you covered
Kaiserdamm 102, Berlin

25.11.22 - 19.03.23
entre 2
Städtische Galerie, Offenburg

running Raum www
an online collection
of events cancelled due to Covid-19

studio adress:
Johannes Mundinger
c/o Urban Spree
Revaler Str 99
10245 Berlin

oo49 (o) 179 748 o2 81

Johannes Mundinger: window lettering for the exhibition L´Observateur at La Moindre Des Choses in Brussels, Belgium
Finishing the last lines for my show "L´Observateur" at La Moindre Des Choses, in Brussels. Here`s a little review

La Moindre Des Choses, art space, Bruxelles, Brussels, Brüssel - street view of the exhibition by Johannes Mundinger
The show (running till 6. April 2014) is all about observation. There is a hidden camera in the wall to the window, capturing the street - and thus the reactions of the visitors - and projecting the image live on the back of the wall, inside the gallery.

Ausstellungsansicht . Spiegel und Projektion
Once inside the space you can observe whats going on outside - or observe the other visitors.
Ausstellungseröffnung / exhibition opening / vernissage à Bruxelles
The works shown are painted on mirrors to either look at art or just pretending to do so and observe others or just have a look on yourself.

Ausstellungseröffnung / exhibition opening / vernissage à Bruxelles
So if you are around and have some free time, feel invited to have a look.

Debut - painting on mirror by Johannes Mundinger

Paradise - mirror triptychon by Johannes Mundinger

Hausbau - Johannes Mundinger: Hausbau - Malerei auf Vergrößerungsspiegel

The End - Spiegel, bemalt - Spiegel im Spiegel im Spiegel, Spiegelung
"The End"

EXPOSITION 23. Mars - 06. Avril 2014
Ouverture: mercredi et dimanche de 14 à 18 heures

Rue Dethy /Dethystraat n°21
Saint-Gilles /Sint-Gillis


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